Saturday, 13 March 2010

Super fast super hero eye masks.

What's that?
Oh yes, we'd love to come to 'insert name here's' birthday party. When did you say? Tomorrow? Oh, that's fine.
(panic panic panic)

Sound familiar? Well panic no longer with my super fast super hero eye mask pattern!

Here is the finished item

Cute, no?

Right, now for the pattern (gulp). This is my first ever pattern so be nice, and do let me know if it doesn't make sense...


When crocheting into the chain, crochet into the back 'bump' only. This also leaves a nice edge for the eyeholes.
Do not turn work, continue working round the outside eye mask.

Ch 25
1. DC in 2nd ch from hook and next 10 ch, 2dc in each of the next 3 ch, dc in last 10 to end. Join to first dc with ss. (27 stitches)

2. Ch 25 again. Dc in 2nd ch and next 10, 2dc in each of next 3 ch, dc in rem 10 along to centre.
ss in last dc of row 1. (27 st in each 'eye')

3. Working around the first eye (working along the top where I am helpfully pointing above) , ss, dc, htr in each of next 9, (2htr in next, htr in next) 3 times. Htr in each of next 9 st, dc, ssinto centre stitch (30 st round first eyehole)

Now join the end of the 'loose chain' with a ss as shown above, don't worry if it looks a bit gappy, you will fix this when you sew in the ends.
Now going round the second eyehole you have just made.

4.repeat Row 3 back to centre. ss and fasten off.

Attach yarn to edge of outside eye mask and chain 50 (70 for an adult with a big head!). Repeat for other side.

Sew in ends, closing up gap in the inner eye when you do this.


For best results block by pinning out with eyeholes pulled open, spraying with water and leaving overnight although it can be worn as is.

WIll add instructions for cats eyes when I have figured out how to write it down in a sensible manner!

Final stage is to chase children round the house to persuade them to pose.
Give up and decide to photo yourself

Realise you look like a pillock and so grab a handy doll and make that look vaguely sinister as well.

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